Top 3 Most Popular Nodejs Frameworks


  • Rapid server-side programming packages- the framework has many Node.js features like functions and speeds up the process with few code lines.
  • High performance- multiple operations are executed independently of each other using asynchronous programming.
  • Super-high test coverage helps build applications with maximum testability.
  • A myriad of HTTP helpers- make programs more intelligible, reusable.
  • Better content negotiation helps in better communication between the client and server by providing HTTP headers to URLs, which fetch the exact information for the users/client-side.


  • Is a Customizable & Futuristic framework- is referred to as a lightweight version of Express
  • Handles errors exceptionally
  • Has cascading middleware (Personalizing user experience
  • Normalises node inconsistencies clean and helps in maintaining code
  • Cleans cache supports proxy and content negotiation
  • Has more options for Customisation; allows building apps from scratch


  • reliability (fallback to HTTP long-polling in case the WebSocket connection cannot be established)
  • automatic reconnection
  • packet buffering
  • acknowledgments
  • broadcasting to all clients or to a subset of clients (what we call “Room”)
  • multiplexing (what we call “Namespace”)





JavaScript Developer | React Developer | Frontend Developer | NodeJs | Designer | Remote |

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Mohaiminul Islam

Mohaiminul Islam

JavaScript Developer | React Developer | Frontend Developer | NodeJs | Designer | Remote |

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